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Home atmosphere water generator

Home & Office

Our technology generates water from natural humidity in the atmosphere. The Airmax 3000 can produce enough water for the average-sized family day after day forever. 

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Industry Atmospheric Water generator

Commercial & Industrial

Our bottleless air-to-water machines provide any office or commercial business with an unlimited suplly of fresh clean drinking water without a waterline hook-up.

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atmospheric Water generator


Splash's industrial machine can best be seen in disaster and humanitarian relief, where relief teams greatest challenge is sourcing safe drinking water for Humanitarian purposes.

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atmospheric Water generator


Splash is in the process of refining it's global distribution strategy which will include the appointment of exclusive dealers and strategic partners in key global markets.

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Our Challenge

Only 1% of the earth's water is available as drinking water.

Our Solution

We focus on sustainable water - generation technologies.

Our Plan

We focus on developing and distributing quality AWG machines.

Our Company

We have the structure, people and process for success.

Corporate Video

Splash Water featuring AirMax 3000, AquaPhere Series and AquaCube Series of Atmospheric Water Machines.
Atmospheric Water Generators transform humidity in the air into 99.9% pure drinking water.