Our Advantage

The company produces a home/office AWH unit that can produce up to 30 liters of water a day and a commercial/industrial unit that can produce up to 11,356 liters a day of safe drinking water every day.  Industrial and commercial units are intended for use in military camps, beverage factories, hotels, and humanitarian and disaster relief applications where fresh drinking water is scarce or unavailable. In addition to providing an inexpensive supply of clean drinking water in developed countries, AWH units have obvious utility in more distressed countries that lack a viable infrastructure for delivering clean water.

The AWH machines offered by Splash Water have two major competitive advantages related to pricing. In the case of the Springwell 3000, it is up to 75% less expensive to purchase then other AWH machines and secondly, as much as 50% cheaper to operate due to the patented proprietary technology within the unit.

The AWH technology represents a highly profitable business in a market where a vital source, water, is decreasing dramatically in the world. Moreover, the companies AWH technology is the most environmentally and customer friendly source of drinking water in the market.